What actually is A little piece of Positivity?

Are we a shop? Just on social media? A blog page?

Well... we are in fact all three and so much more!

Our founder, Poppy, created A little piece of Positivity simply to bring happiness to the world! We know this may sound simple but the research behind viewing a positive quote at the start and end of your day is unbelievable (take a look at our Blog page to read more!)

Let us talk you through our work:


Our website is full of positivity!

We have so much for you to see.

We have a page jam-packed full of happy facts, surprises, articles, tips and tricks.

We even have specific areas for Children, giving parents or carers tips on how to keep them positive. As well as our amazing shop and Blogs written from our team and also guest bloggers!


This is our favourite place to be! In a sea of quote prints, packs and gifts! We invite you to browse our wide choice of quotes and bracelets made, designed, printed and packaged with love in-house by Poppy with the help of @ProjectPlan (go check the amazing Chelsey out!). Whether it is a gift for you or a friend, we guarantee it will bring sunshine to your lives (and your homes!)

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Instagram and Facebook

Visit and follow our Instagram and Facebook page @alittlepieceofpositivity and you will love what you find! Quotes every day, Positive news and videos, a week's summary of the top 7 positive facts of the week, Mindfulness tips and regular Q&A's with Poppy! So much more too!

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Facebook community


'A little piece of Positivity Happiness group' Join our Facebook community full of like-minded friends! We invite you to post your favourite positive quotes, facts, or mindfulness tips that our friends can read and take note from. We host regular competitions to win some of our products! This is a place of happiness and safety for our friends and you too can use this space to send us or others your questions, worries or some positivity!

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You can't forget our YouTube page! We post one video a week, varying from the happiest news of the week, to positivity tips and tricks and so much more! Like and Subscribe for another dose of sunshine!

So... what should you do now?


Send us your favourite quote of yours!

Join our Facebook community and social media pages!

Stay positive!

Contact Poppy

Get in touch to talk about Positivity, our products, collaborations or to just say Hello!


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